Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

  I've been able to watch several TV shows this weekend that dealt with Memorial Day.  60 Minutes did a segment about an organization that helps wounded warriors return to Iraq and Afghanistan long after their physical injuries have healed.  It's called Operation Proper Exit, and it helps them tour the country and then leave Iraq on their own terms, because many of them left the battlefield unconscious.
  Another segment was done on five different sets of brothers all serving together in Afghanistan. It seems that there has been an unwritten rule about allowing this.  The first set of brothers were given permission when their parents wrote a letter requesting that their boys be allowed to serve together.  This gave the others the same opportunity, and all ten of them have returned home safely.
   I teared up many times as I watched these young men recount their stories.   I realized the scope of the sacrifices that our servicemen and women, and their families must face every day.
   I just want to say thank you , thank you , thank you all.  It is because of your tremendous personal and financial sacrifices that the rest of us get to enjoy our routine lives.  I urge our country to continue to protect those who protect us with medical care, and health insurance, and a job when they get home.  Troops should not have to worry about foreclosure while they are serving, or recovering from injuries.  I believe it is the least we can do for our brave men and women.  Let's all be as willing to help them, as they were willing to fight for our freedom.
    Just sign me a proud American, one of millions from your grateful nation.

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