Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is in the Air

  Happy Spring Everyone!  This year we were treated to a fabulous day with seventy degree temperatures in New England.  It was a very easy transition because we had such a mild winter.  It's incredible to be able to open windows and enjoy the fresh air and record temps in March!
 I tested the air conditioning in the car and at work. I decided to wear my flip flops, crop pants and  short sleeved shirts that I had used for my Florida trip.  Everyone else had the same idea, so I guess great minds think alike!! We will  have to resist the temptation to start planting flowers, as the chance of nightly frosts do not end till Memorial Day.  Spring cleaning must be suspended until we finish the pollen season.
  I love the sunshine, and I know that it always gives me a boost of energy.  It's time to start a things to do list, and make the most of it.  My top priority will be finishing the taxes, then tossing, shredding, and filing all the 2011 receipts and documents.  Next I'll attack the clutter in the closets, and cabinets, and basement shelves.  I follow the same routine each season.  I give myself three choices, throw things away, give things away, or put things away.  I always put a time limit on each project, which breaks it down into managable amounts.   I know that I'll feel so much better, almost lighter.  I've read that this will  make room for new things to come into my life,  which is exciting.  I'll usually come across something that I can use to update my wardrobe or my home decor without spending any money.  My very favorite thing happens when I find a couple of dollars in a jacket pocket, or a gift card in my summer purse!  It gives me a glimpse of just how giddy I'll be if we ever hit the lottery!  Having this kind of weather in March in New England is priceless, and I'm going to enjoy it.  Have a good week everyone.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......

Monday, March 19, 2012

Recharge the Batteries

  I'm enjoying the Florida sunshine with "the sisters".  Four of us do a yearly trip to spend St. Patrick's Day with our folks!  The weather is always hit or miss, but this year every day has been warm and sunny.  We traded seventy degrees in New England  for eighties in the sunshine state.  It's felt great to sit on the lanai and soak up the sun.  At our age we need all the vitamin D we can get!!
 Our favorite activities are checking out the new restaurants, then walking off our extra calories by shopping. We always remember to round out our busy week with ample measures of "little and nothing". It's been a quick five days, and we all wish we could spend another week. 
  Have a good week everyone....but everyone is waiting for me to get into the seems like we have places to go and people to see......the beat goes on....and the beat goes on........

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Sister's Keeper

  March 8th was International Women's Day.  Events were held around the world to celebrate all women and our accomplishments.   This week, women across the United States, and the men who support us rallied around the college student Sandra Fluke.  Ms. Fluke had the courage to testify before Congress on the subject of women's heath.  A shock jock thought it would be amusing to insult her on his daily radio show.  He didn't realize that he insulted most Americans in the process until his show lost more than thirty advertising sponsors.  This is people power at work!  Bullies can dish it out much better than they can take it, and that guy will eventually get what he deserves from the consumers who write his paycheck. 
  We don't have to be religious to live by the golden rule.  Most of us learned how to treat others by the time we were in kindergarten.  We were taught how to get along with kids in the school yard and at the playground.  We knew that it was wrong to be mean to smaller kids just because we thought we could get away with it.  We looked out for our younger siblings and neighbors.  The bigger kids helped me out when I needed it, and I returned the favor when I could. 
   I'm glad that I spoke out last week, and I was encouraged to learn that many other more prominent and powerful men and women became allies against a bully.  This country was built on the fact that we are our brother's ( and sister's) keeper.  I hope that young and old  register to vote because our voices will matter in November.  I don't care who you vote for, just pick an issue that's important to you, and make sure the candidate shares your key views.  Voting is our right, and I hope we feel both privileged and obligated to stand for what we believe.  I know I'm one vote in millions, but I was shocked to learn that some elections are decided on less than a few hundred votes.  I was also disappointed to find that only a small percentage of Americans actually vote.  We cannot complain if we don't weigh in.  Please be ready to vote November 6th because our country is counting on you!
   Have a good week everyone...and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......

Sunday, March 4, 2012


   Baby boomers will remember this popular Helen Reddy song from our teenage years.  It united women of all ages, and I think we need to stand up for ourselves again.  It's time for us to pay attention, talk to our friends, and weigh in on  recent events.  I do not like bullies, and so I was disgusted to hear shock jock Rush Limbaugh,  pick on a college student after she spoke  before Congress regarding contraception.  The issue revolves around co-pays, and insurance coverage.  When several sponsors of his radio show cancelled their ads, he apologized for calling anyone using contraceptives a "slut and a prostitute".  REALLY????? He also thought "femin-nazis" (his term)  would consider it amusing when he presented the scenario that he should get to watch college students having sex, if insurance covered their prescriptions.  SERIOUSLY Rush?????  Of course, because he doubled down for three days, all of this is now public record and available to see and hear.
   Look, we all get to have our own opinion, but we do not get to change the facts.  Since 99% of all American women will have used contraceptives at some point in our lives, I believe that we have all been callled those same hateful names.  I also believe that evil exists because good people do nothing.  I was proud of our President for calling Ms Fluke and offering his support. Parents in every state in this country are outraged, and social media connects us all.  This is an issue that I cannot ignore.  I'm asking for angry independents to take a stand, and send a message.  We don't have to scream, we just have to act.  The sensible center can refuse to buy products advertised on Limbaugh's radio show.  We can sign an on-line petition.  We can contact our elected officials, and let them know that millions of women are watching.  Words and actions have consequences, and this is no exception. 
    If women's rights and women's health issues continue to grab headlines in 2012, then this must be the year that women get out and vote.  If more women served in Congress, the facts would have been presented from our  female perspective.  It's unbelievable that Congress held hearings without one women being allowed to speak.  I think we can do better than this. I believe that Congress would have heard from a woman that contraceptives are used for theraputic reasons, and it is the most reliable treatment for many serious issues.  Baby boomers should tell their stories.
  Each one of us will get to weigh in with our ballots,  November 6th.   We are women, hear us roar, in numbers too big to ignore....we are women, watch us vote !!!!
This is my opinion, so take what you like and leave the rest....the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.....