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Matt & Muggzy is a children's storybook series by Susan Francis.  This is the story of a young boy named Matt and his new puppy, Muggzy who had to try out several names, before Matt found a name that fit. Here's a sneak peak at the very first story in the Matt & Muggzy series.

An excerpt from the first book in the series.
In this book, Matt searches for a "name that fits" his new puppy:

Yipee!  Today I am getting my new puppy!  My dad will bring him home soon, and I just can't wait to see him.  I will get to decide on the name for my dog, but I need to find a name that fits.

Oh boy!  I am so excited that I forgot to tell you my name!  I'm Matt, and I have been waiting for weeks for the puppy to be old enough to come and live with me, my mom, and my dad.

Later in the story, Matt learns how to take care of his puppy, and about the responsibilities that come with owning a pet:

One of my jobs will be to feed the puppy, then take him outside to the back yard.  This is how I will train him.  Once again, he was happy to be outside.  He chased a butterfly, he chased his tail, then ran back to me.  "It almost looks like he is smiling," Dad said.  "He does have a wonderful face," Mom said.  "He's a pug with a great mug!" I giggled.


Stay tuned for more!  We're in the process of getting the Matt & Muggzy series published, and we welcome your comments, suggestions, and support.   Have questions about the book series or want to get on the mailing list?  Please email us here!

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