Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

  I've been able to watch several TV shows this weekend that dealt with Memorial Day.  60 Minutes did a segment about an organization that helps wounded warriors return to Iraq and Afghanistan long after their physical injuries have healed.  It's called Operation Proper Exit, and it helps them tour the country and then leave Iraq on their own terms, because many of them left the battlefield unconscious.
  Another segment was done on five different sets of brothers all serving together in Afghanistan. It seems that there has been an unwritten rule about allowing this.  The first set of brothers were given permission when their parents wrote a letter requesting that their boys be allowed to serve together.  This gave the others the same opportunity, and all ten of them have returned home safely.
   I teared up many times as I watched these young men recount their stories.   I realized the scope of the sacrifices that our servicemen and women, and their families must face every day.
   I just want to say thank you , thank you , thank you all.  It is because of your tremendous personal and financial sacrifices that the rest of us get to enjoy our routine lives.  I urge our country to continue to protect those who protect us with medical care, and health insurance, and a job when they get home.  Troops should not have to worry about foreclosure while they are serving, or recovering from injuries.  I believe it is the least we can do for our brave men and women.  Let's all be as willing to help them, as they were willing to fight for our freedom.
    Just sign me a proud American, one of millions from your grateful nation.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer

  Well, the pool cover is off, and we are getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer 2012.  The water is never warm enough for any of the adults to swim, however, the kids are always ready to start the summer with a splash!  Temperatures in New Hampshire have hit the 70's during the day, but since it cools down overnight, the pool water doesn't get a chance to stay warm.
   With a stroke of good luck, the gas grill tank ran out while we were grilling today, so we can start the new season with a full tank.  It's always such a pain when we are in the middle of a cookout, and we run out of gas while the steaks are on the grill.
    The yard outside is looking great, our roses are blooming, and the flowers and lawn are thriving with the help of some rainy weekdays we've had lately.  I bought two new American Flags, one for near the mailbox, the other will be near our planters.  Baskets of flowers will hang from our outdoor pole lamp.
    As I look around our three season room, everything gets a daily coating of pollen, and so I know I'll have my work cut out for me each Friday in order to make it company ready for the weekends.  My routine has been the same for the last twenty-eight years, clean and cook on Fridays, then entertain on Saturdays or Sundays.  I often wonder how many hamburgers my husband, Ron has grilled, and just how many bowls of potato salad and fruit salad I've prepared through the years. I ponder how many times I've said "I'm cooking for fifteen or twenty of my closest relatives", just the siblings and their children.   When all the kids were young, we had all the parties, now it's just a few times each year.  Teenagers play sports on weekends, and have summer jobs.  If the summer is hot though, we may  have more company.
    I'm ready to enjoy this summer, however it goes.  If we are not entertaining guests,  I'll be on my float with a book.  If we are busy, I'll be the "'hostess with the most-ess"", and will make sure I make all the favorites.
    This year, when you are out at the dollar store picking up paper plates for your parties, don't forget to get a flag and display it at your house.  Memorial day is when we commemorate our military who fought for us, so that we can all be free.  I'm proud to live in America, and I'm very grateful to those who serve.
     Have a good week everyone...and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.......

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

  I'd like to wish all the Mom's a very Happy Mother's Day!!!  Today was a quiet day for me.   This seems pretty ironic, because there were many years when all that I wished for were a couple of hours of peace and quiet.  If I was lucky, my guys would go out and wash my car, while I read a book or watched a chick movie.
   I'm looking back at how quickly the years have flown, even though at the time, it looked like some days and weeks might never end.  Some of my favorite Mother's Days  were spent as a fun day for kids.  I've spent Mother's Day car shopping for a 16 yr old, provided we ate out together.  We've eaten at barbecue joints that used rolls of paper towels for napkins, and spent the day at an amusement park.  I thought it would be fun to spend the day together, and it didn't matter that  much what we did.
  Early Saturday morning,  Matt called to tell me to wait for a package delivery.  It wasn't long before I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers containing pink roses and mums!  They made the house smell great!
  He checked later to make sure I'd gotten the flowers, and he promised to call Sunday when we could talk longer.  He called while I was sending him one of my silly messages,  "Roses are red;  storm clouds are grey; you're the kid who made me the mother I am today"!!  I told him the flowers looked and smelled fabulous, and that I was drinking my coffee from a mug he had given me when he was twelve years old.  I also said I missed him, especially since he would always get me a refill, and as a matter of fact, I needed a 'splash'.  I won't repeat what he replied, but it made me laugh!!
   Today I enjoy every day as it comes, and not wish for what might be, or could be.  I'm proud of my son, and am grateful for all the good things in my life.  I'm not going to wait for things to be perfect, before I allow myself to be happy.   Have a good week everyone....
These are my opinions, so take what you like and leave the rest....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on......

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mamma Said There'd be Days Like This

  As a Mom, I've always relied on different sayings in order to get my point across.  I try my best not to be sarcastic, and I usually only say one of the ten things that may be on the tip of my tongue.  Here are some of my favorite "mommy-isms", and when I suggest using them.
  "I'm a smother, not a mother" comes in handy when your kid wants you to back off, and give them some space.  Helicopter Mom is another popular term for a mom who hovers too close to her children.
   "I can't give you anything but love" is the best fallback song when kids continue to ask for things that you cannot do for them right now.  It always stopped the conversation, however the fact that I actually sang it may have helped my cause.
   "You have five minutes to tell me everything that I'm going to find out anyway" is great when you've caught your kid in a lie.  It serves two excellent purposes.  Kids get to talk and parents listen.  This gives us a chance to review the list of things running through our heads, before we say too much. I found that if I spoke too quickly,  I may need to spend a week apologizing for what and how I said things.   I'd have to spend the next few days making it up to my family.  I also promised to cut the punishment time in half,  if I got the truth immediately.  I don't think it's cheating to threaten to ground your kids twice as long as you would normally, then look like the nice guy when you agree to shorten it.
   "I know you are not out stealing cars, but you still have to clean your room" is one of my love sandwiches.  I compliment, then give my complaint, and wind up acknowledging that I know that I have a good kid.
  "You are the kid who made me the mother I am today" always cracked Matt up.  Each Mother's Day I thanked him for doing a good job.  I reminded him that I knew it was hard to be a twelve year old, and then a teenager who worked hard and was respectful (the only  things I asked him to do when he started first grade).
I knew what some of my friends were dealing with, and I really did feel grateful.
    I loved being a mom, even when I felt like I stunk at it.  I always took comfort in the saying that "practice makes perfect", and I know I have a lifetime to get it right.  Remember to get your cards and gifts in the mail in time for Mother's Day which is Sunday, May 13th. A phone call is easy...we'd love to hear your voice.
These are my opinions, so take what you like and leave the rest....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......have a good week everyone.....