Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teamwork and Dedication

  The New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl game and they will play the New York Giants!  It will be a rematch of 2007.  After today's  game, the Pats were awarded a trophy on the field  in front of the fans.  The players praised their teammates,  and team owner,  Bob Kraft  thanked the fans.   After the game, he spoke about a dinner he hosted last night for former players who were attending the game today.  Patriots fans have known for years that this organization is special.  Sadly, Mrs. Kraft passed away this year during the lockout.  Players, coaches and owners were not supposed to have any contact, however both current players and former players attended her funeral.  This year the team dedicated the season to Mrs Kraft.  Their offense is solid, but the defense ranked at the bottom, and so there were a lot of  questions.  Mayra Kraft had never seen a football game before she owned the team.  She loved to volunteer and required that the players do the same.  Players got to know her very well, and they spoke of their love for her.  We heard stories from players about her generosity, and her famous chicken soup. 
  I wish the Patriots well, and I hope they win.  This year they have a bigger  focus, and everyone will have to work together if they are to accomplish their goal to win the championship.    As a parent,  it was easy to point to the Patriots as good role models.  Players were held to the highest standards both on and off the field, and all of New England could feel good about being part of something great.
   When Matt went to first grade, I asked him to do two things for me.  One was to work hard, and the other was to be respectful. He did a great job with it , even though it  proved more difficult in high school.  I'm glad that Matt played sports, and is still friends with some of his teammates today.  Teamwork and dedication are traits that are required in every profession.  All of us are thrilled to have hardworking,  respectful individuals help us get the job done right....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......

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