Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vermont Visit

   My sisters and I just spent a couple of days in Vermont.  We had a wonderful time despite the frigid weather.  The warmest day hit 20 degrees, and the rest went downhill from there.  The locals say that there is not much difference once the temperature falls below zero, except that hats and scarfs are a must.
   My niece plays basketball at a college near Stowe, and she had home games on Friday night and Saturday.  We enjoyed lovely meals and shopped in the village near campus.  We crammed a lot into two days, and yet it was laid back and relaxed.  Once we found the restaurant that stays open late, and the back roads that save time, it was a piece of cake.
   The campus was small, and we were given a tour of all the important areas.  The dining hall, campus store, and library were within walking distance of the dorms and gymnasium.  The dorm room was adequate, but needed a rug to warm things up.  We found three matching rugs, and now the room has a doormat, a runner near the desk, and an area rug to make walking barefoot more comfortable.  It made us happy to supply something useful and needed.
    Due to snowy driving conditions, the sisters spent more than nine hours driving together.  It's amazing that we always have something to talk about, and we can spend hours catching up.  A snow shower that was not expected to amount to much, dumped about six inches of snow on the roads in about three hours. That caused us to head home while we still had some daylight.  The hills of Vermont are beautiful, and we had the road to ourselves as we spent almost an hour getting to the highway.  We stopped for dinner and filled up the car. Thankfully, the snow had subsided for the last hour of our journey.
     We plan to go back up for softball season, and see the Green Mountains during the spring.  In the meantime, I'll send goofy cards and text messages.  With today's technology, we can view live pod casts of the games, and keep in touch real time....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on........

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