Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

   Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks, 2014's Super Bowl Champions!  It was billed as an epic match-up between Denver's  number one offense,  competing against Seattle's number one defense.   On paper, it looked like it would be a very close game.  In the end, the Seahawks won by 35 points.  The final score was 43 to 8.  It was the young gun against the seasoned veteran, and tonight the kid played great.
    Russell Wilson has just played two seasons, but he shows a lot of poise and class.  I like him, and he played a flawless game.  I hope he is the face of the new young quarterbacks in the NFL.
     Pete Carroll coached in New England, and so we are pretty familiar with his coaching style.  The defense was excellent, and scored on an interception.  They call themselves the "Legion of Boom", and they lived up to their name tonight.  Special teams also scored on a kick return.  It is nearly impossible to beat a team when all three phases of the game are solid.
   Denver did not look good on their very first play, when a bad snap caused a safety, and gave Seattle two points without even touching the ball.  The Broncos offense never looked sharp in this game, which is the job of an outstanding defense.
   Peyton Manning had set records this season for the most touchdowns in a season, and the most points in any season.  Both of those records had been held by Tom Brady and the Patriots.  A part of me wanted to see Manning finish the season with the Championship, because it is not sure how much longer he will play.  He deserves all the respect and praise that he receives.  He has been a great player and fantastic ambassador for the sport of football.
   Besides the game, the extravaganza includes the commercials, and half-time show.  This year, many ads
featured huge stars like Ellen, Arnold and Bruce Willis.  My favorite ad was from Budweiser with the puppy and the horse.  It was excellent, and I know we will see it many times in the next few weeks....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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