Sunday, January 5, 2014

My New Year's Wish List

   Each new year brings hope and anticipation for good things to come.  I've written down a few goals that I will work on during 2014.  New Year's resolutions are tough, because they are almost impossible to achieve. I've decided to call it a wish list, because it will encourage me to take some risks.
  I would like to take a trip,  grow my business, and get one of my Matt and Muggzy books published. This year I will accentuate the positive, and expect great things.
  I recently turned sixty, and I cut out the horoscope for those born on my birthday.  I laminated it, and will use it as a bookmark.  It will be exciting to see what, if anything actually comes true.  Apparently, I'm a cosmic favorite these days, and I must be sure and want things for myself and others.  I should be greedy for love, goodness, and health.  I was also promised that one of my minor,  but very fond wishes will come true. I do ask for my blessings every day, and so I cannot wait to see what will happen.
  I will be increasingly active in the next three months, and I can expect good things physically, socially, an intellectually.  I should take some 'before' pictures, because February will bring an 'after' to my domestic scene.  All of these seem excellent, and I look forward to the improvements in store for me.  I can expect a promotion in May, and I even have a list of my lucky numbers.
  I received many birthday wishes on face book, and I updated that I was partying like I was only 59!  My niece treated me to a fabulous pedicure, and my godson gave me a gift bag with some wonderful things.  We went to dinner and a movie, and I now have new earrings, clothes, jar candles and gift cards. My birthday lunch was cancelled due to a snowstorm, but my cousins have been kind and generous.  I'm told that more gifts are on the way, including tickets to see the Jersey Boys when they come to our area.
   This year, my thank you notes, and emails will include wishes for lots of love, happiness and good health for all of us.  I love the sentiment and I do believe in the power of positive thinking.  I'll document my progress on my wish list, and chronicle any time one of my wishes come true....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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