Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some Days are Better Than Others

   Most days are complicated, and today was one of those days.  I will call it a combination of good, bad, and ugly.  Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy day with temperatures close to 40 degrees, but due to a cold front, it snowed the entire day.  It was snowing this morning, and everything we planned to do yesterday, now had to be finished by 3pm today, because wanted to watch the Patriot's and Bronco's Playoff game.
    There were quite a few good things that happened today.  We had an appointment to see a litter of puppies as we are planning to get a new dog.  It took and hour to get there, and the snow had created a winter wonderland.  It was the type of snow that clung to branches, and houses and road signs.  Luckily, the roads were not icy, and we felt safe driving the country roads.  The pups were adorable, and we will take one of the females home by the end of February!  All of this was really good stuff, and we got all the errands done with plenty of time to spare.
    The game was exciting, but our team lost, which can justify a bad day in our house.  New England did not play well, and they needed to play their best game of the year in order to beat Denver.  A couple of lucky bounces may have helped, but our football season came to a screeching  halt today.  I believe that New England  fans are pretty fortunate to have such great teams in all sports. That makes us believe that we always have a good chance to win every game.  I hope that does not make me a sports snob.  I hope it just makes me a true sports fanatic.
     The ugly part of today was watching some of the brutal hits, and unsportsmanlike behavior that accompany both playoff games today.  This season, the Patriots had many season ending injuries to our starters and top players.  Other teams saw injuries end their hopes of getting into the playoffs, but the Patriots did their best to overcome all obstacles, and win with the guys on the field.  New England had more rookies starting games than any other team, and that will be good for next year.
    Congratulations to Denver and Seattle, who will battle in the Super Bowl Game in two weeks.  I wish both teams luck, and we will be watching.  I tend to watch all the commercials, and get snacks during the game when the Patriots aren't playing, but I'll still enjoy it ....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.....


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