Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Magic

    My Holiday panic is beginning to subside, as I have most of my necessary tasks completed.  The house is "lightly" decorated, which means only my favorite things,  and I'm happy with the tree.  We are not hosting this year, and I only put out the things that  make me happiest, but not take two days to put away next year.
    My shopping is done, and the Christmas cards and packages have been mailed.  I went grocery shopping today, and have everything I need to bring appetizers and desserts for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations.  I'm off from work Tuesday, and will finish wrapping the last gifts. I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving was just three weeks ago!
    Years ago, I learned of an easy way to create some Christmas Magic  for young children.  It was a way to sprinkle glitter up the walk to our house, in order to help Santa find us. We did it Christmas Eve, just as it was getting dark.  It was even more dramatic if there was snow on the ground.
   I was told to mix equal parts oatmeal and glitter in a plastic bag that seals.  Next, make a diagonal cut on one end of the baggie, which would allow a steady stream of glitter to spill outside.  A small cut will insure a small line and helps make a longer path.  The oatmeal would help keep it on the ground.  Ask the kids to help. Shine a flashlight and see how the glitter sparkles!  It's Magic!  The only thing left to do is write a quick note to Santa, and leave cookies and a juice box instead of a glass of milk, in case he's thirsty later.
    I hope everyone finds some magic this Christmas week, and that you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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