Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Red Hats Celebrate the Season

   " Tis the Season to be Jolly" is part of a popular holiday song.  This weekend was joyful, and very busy because there was a party each day.  The Improper Bostonians, which is our  Red Hat Chapter name,  got together for our Holiday Luncheon.  The restaurant was beautifully decorated, and the meal was fabulous.  We always enjoy the company, and we always acknowledge members celebrating birthdays each month.  Because I'm turning sixty this month, I got to wear the purple cape and crown.  It is usually worn by the red hatter who is turning  60 or 70 or 80.  We had cake and ice cream, and all four of the December birthday girls got in the pictures.
    The cousins also had their annual Christmas cookie party.  We each brought two dozen cookies, and we went home with a wonderful assortment of home made cookies.  My husband loves this event, because he gets to enjoy the cookies for the next week.  I ate one of every kind at the swap, so I'm going to try and eat healthy until the next celebration.  We all discussed how tired we are, because the personal life is extremely busy, and work is hectic with end of year deadlines.
    It's always fun to see relatives and friends during the Holiday season, especially because Christmas week is usually spent with immediate family, and is chock full of things to do. Panic is beginning to set in, because I still need to decorate inside and trim the tree.  All packages must be mailed this week, which means that the last few gifts need to be purchased, and wrapped.  I started my Christmas cards tonight, but I usually take extra time to write a note to the aunts.  I will put off doing that group for now.
    Next weekend, we will attend a birthday luncheon, and finish the shopping.  It will be a big relief to have the packages mailed, and the house decorated.  With ten days to go, I will work on my master list.  It will have three columns, things to buy, things to make, and things to do.  My shopping lists will show each store, and the items I plan to get there.  Hopefully this will cut down on the holiday madness.  I also try and list each store, as I will encounter it in my travels.  Since traffic near our mall will be crazy, I do not want to have to double back.  I always pick up a couple of gifts in case someone gives us a gift, and I did not plan to exchange with them.  I simply get things that I will use myself, in the event that we do not receive any surprise gifts.
   My approach is to take one day at a time, and try to accomplish a few things from my list.  In a few short weeks, I can take  a day to do little and nothing, two of my favorite things to do on weekends.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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