Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boston Red Sox Rolling Rally

   Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, 2013 World Champions!  It has been an unbelievable story because the Sox went from  worst to first.  Last season, Boston owned the worst record in baseball, and this year they rank first !  The last time they won in Boston, it was 1918 and Babe Ruth was on the field. My sister and brother in law were at the game, and it was awesome!  It was even great for those of us watching from home.
   I was hesitant to be a real fanatic this year, because last year was so awful.  It did not take long though for me to embrace the team.  They were a bunch of hard working guys, and they seemed to have a knack for winning. There were lots of walk off wins, and late inning magic.  This team played hard every game, and never quit.   I'm convinced that attitude helped them win their series.  I know that the Boston Marathon bombing gave them all an immediate bond, and they played to give us something to cheer about.  Many of the players visited the victims in the hospitals, and continue to help them today.  They kept it quiet, and we will never know how much the Red Sox players and their families do for our community.
   The Duck Boat parade was held on Saturday morning.  We watched from home, and it was great to see the players and the fans celebrating together.  The parade started out from Fenway Park, and rolled  to the marathon finish line.  The shirts with "617" and "Boston Strong" that had been in the dug outs all season with the team,  were given to one of the businesses most affected by the bombs.  God Bless America was sung, and there was a moment of silence.  The duck boats then proceeded to the water for a swim, before heading back to Fenway.  The entire trip took about three hours, and it was a total love fest.  Fans lined the parade route, and cheered for  their favorite players as they rolled by.  Some of the loudest cheers went up for the bull pen cop who raised his hands when Papi hit the grand slam.  The players were tweeting about how touched they were to see all the people.  It surprised me to see them taking pictures of the crowds.  They waved relentlessly, and acknowledged  their screaming fans.  
   We were told that Boston has had eight different parades since 2001.  The Red Sox and Patriots each have had three, and the Celtics and Bruins have also won Championships.  New England sports fans have been blessed with hard working and successful teams.  All we ask is that players prepare and compete for the entire game.  It's been said that 85% of life is just showing up.  That sounds like great advice,  so that's what I strive to do....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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