Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Red Hats Visit the Irish Village

     I'm a member of the Improper Bostonian chapter of the Red Hat Society, which is an organization for women.  Most of us are over fifty, although younger members must wear Pink Hats.  Our group tries to get together once a month, and we always have a wonderful time.
    We spent Veteran's Day  weekend at the Irish Village in Yarmouth, on Cape Cod.  It has an indoor pool, and workout center, as well as a day spa, and excellent restaurant.
   I was related to seven of the eleven women who attended.  We usually go away each fall and celebrate all our birthdays.  This time, we celebrated me, as I will turn 60 in December.  There was a birthday cocktail made with Bailey's Irish Cream, and I received some very thoughtful and useful gifts.  At my age, I love to get things that I can enjoy and then use up, as I am trying to avoid  dust collectors.  Most of the items were part on our inside jokes, but that made them even more fun!
   There was Irish Music both nights, and I could barely hear myself think, as everyone sang along with the band.  We enjoyed some of the best seafood on the Cape, including award winning chowders and lobster rolls.  The hotel had scones, Irish breads, and a few Irish dishes on the menu.
    We were blessed with beautiful weather and we spent each day shopping and visiting the area.  We went to the Kennedy Museum in Hyannis, which chronicled the last summer of President Kennedy's life.  It is hard to believe that he was assassinated 50 yrs ago this week.  We all remember exactly where we were,  when we got the news that our president had been shot.  We drove by the compound, but it is not possible to get very close.
    We took some pictures of windmills,  some of the outside memorials, and of course the water and the sunsets.  We had fun in the shops, toured the baseball museum for the Cape Cod League, and even found a craft fair.  We all bought something to remind us of our special weekend....and I cannot wait to go to the next event...and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......


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