Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Bucket List

    Well, I did it.  I actually walked my first 5 K.   Another item can be scratched off my bucket list.  
I walked with three other women from my office, and I completed 3.1 miles!  I felt great except for some minor aches and pains, but a little advil and ice took care of that pretty quickly.
    My generous friends and family donated more than $250.00 to our soup kitchen and local food pantries.  I am still getting checks in the mail from my cousins.  The Nashua walk was hoping to hit the million dollar mark this year (their 29th), so they love the fact that donations are still coming in!!
    I know I'll do another 5 K, and next time I hope to do more actual running.  
    Now it's time to move on to the next item on my list.  The Red Sox winning the World Series would be great!  My sister and her husband have tickets to Wednesday's game, and it would be fantastic if the Sox clinched tomorrow night....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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