Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

  One of our neighbors had a kitchen fire recently.  We are all grateful that no one was hurt.  Most of the damage was caused by smoke, which is prevalent in every room.  The fire department worked quickly through each room, causing damage to electronics and other possessions.  The insurance company and fire investigators will complete their reports, and then the cleanup and restoration will begin.
  We have lived in this neighborhood for more than thirty years, and we know that we are fortunate to have such great friends.  We all help each other, and do our best to get along.  We all want to do something to help, but the waiting is tough.  It seems to be taking too long to get answers, and I wonder if it has been caused by the government shutdown.
  The family is staying with friends next door.  A few of the children from the street made cards, and every family chipped in to help with immediate expenses.  It was very emotional when a group of us dropped off our gifts today.  They were touched by our generosity, but the fact is, that we have all been helped by this family through the years.  It felt good to repay their kindness, although it is terrible that any family go through this.
  This is the America that I want to live in.  In my America,  we don't hesitate to help each other.  I am disgusted that the government has shut down,  because the wrong people are being hurt.  Those that need services and answers should be able to get them.  Americans want the vote taken, because we all  believe that there are enough votes to reopen the government.  Then,  I think the parties can fight about anything they want.  I hope those in Congress whose words say that they do not want a shut down, find the courage to have their actions match those words.  After all, the entire country is watching.  You will never convince the American voters that the party who loves big government, would actually shut it down.
   I personally know three people who work as clerks in Federal jobs.  None of them are trust fund babies, and so they literally depend on their salaries for rent, car payments,  and groceries.  One of them is considered essential personnel, and must report for work without pay.  The others have been  furloughed,  which means that they stay home without pay.  Some obnoxious members of Congress equate that to a vacation.  Most of us would never go away unless we thought we could actually pay for a trip, and my friends must be prepared to report to work in a matter of hours.
 If  our elected representatives refuse to act on behalf of ALL Americans, then I hope the voters make them pay a political price in the next election.  If  lawmakers are forced to realize that their actions have consequences, then they might be more likely to actually govern.  I really hope it comes back to bite all  who use Americans as pawns in their game of chicken.  Those of us in the sensible center must talk to our friends and make sure we vote the bad lawmakers out of office as soon as possible.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on..........

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