Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jogging the neighborhood

   I'm enjoying my walk-run program, and I'm learning a lot about my neighborhood.  Some of my neighbors actually have cars that match the color of their houses.  Some like to hang decorative flags, and change them for different holidays, and seasons.  Many have beautiful flowers around their property,  and most keep their lawns neatly manicured.
   As usual, I'm finding some benefits that I was not expecting.  This week I spotted a bumper sticker that I loved.  It had the outline of a dog, with the words "more wag and less bark" printed inside.  I smiled when I saw it, and thought about it for my entire walk.  I'm a sayings person, and I think this one gives great advice.  I decide to try and implement those words this week, and see what happens.  I'll have to dial back the sarcasm,  and be conscious of my reactions.  I'll also share the saying with people I see this week.  I think it will immediately give a boost of positive energy, which is always a good thing.
   I can describe my jogging progress with another saying  "slow and steady, wins the race".  I confident that I will be able to complete my 5-K this fall.  I notice that I have a much easier time jogging on less humid days.  I'll be sad saying good-bye to summer, but I'll focus on the upside.  Fall is really my favorite season, even though it means that winter is around the next corner.  I plan to take each day as it comes, and find the positives.  It feels a lot like less bark and more wag......and the beat goes on......the beat goes on.......

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