Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

  Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens who just won Superbowl Forty-seven!  Congratulations also to the San Francisco 49ers who staged a valiant comeback, and made it a very close game.  It is fantastic when every player and fan is locked it to a game with one minute to go. It was close enough that either team could have won.   It was also a weird game,  because there was a power outage, and play was suspended for more than thirty minutes.  Joe Flacco was the MVP, and Ray Lewis will retire with a championship ring.
    I did not have a favorite in the game, and so I rooted for each team when it had the ball.  There was a lot of scoring which makes it exciting to watch as a fan.  As always,  we had lots of snacks, and the menu is a big part of the fun.  It's important to have everyone's favorite junk food.
    I liked the half-time show, and the pre game songs.  I teared up when the kids from Newtown, CT. performed.  It is hard to become famous due to another mass shooting, but I give them credit for trying to continue to live normal lives.
    I cannot recall my favorite commercials at this time.  It usually takes a while for them to sink in.  I also cannot believe that the ads cost millions of dollars.  I heard that the most expensive ad cost close to four million dollars, and sometimes it was difficult to identify the product being sold.  Some of the movies look really good, and they will be fun to see.
    The NFL must do more to make the game safer for the players, and a few ads suggested that there will be an evolution within the sport.  I think it's time to look at all the safety options, because parents cannot let their kids risk serious head injuries.  That is too big of a price for a teenager to pay in order to play a game they love. Gotta run....I want to watch the interviews...and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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