Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inauguration Day

    I got the chance to watch a lot of President Obama's Inauguration Ceremonies, and I really enjoyed it.  I love the pageantry that surrounds every event, and I'll recount some of my favorite things.
    I always tear up when I hear the National Anthem, and I do not care that it may have been pre-recorded.  The prayers, songs,  and poems were tasteful and appropriate.
    I loved the President's address because he spoke to all those who voted for him.  I think he deserves to try and keep the promises he made to voters during the campaign.  We need him to fight for the middle class, and the poor who feel they have no voice.  It was wonderful to watch him stop, turn around on the steps, and reflect on the sea of Americans who were there to hear him take the oath of office.
     I was nervous when I saw the President and First Lady get out of the car and walk.  I give the secret service and other law enforcement high marks for keeping them safe.  I thought it was a great moment when the President and his kids were sitting together to watch the parade.  Malia wanted to take a picture with her cell phone of her parents kissing, but her older sister got in the way.  I laughed because this can and does happen in every family in the country!   I'm happy that they are a regular family, who are living this extraordinary life. They truly represent the best of all of us.  I think I would have pitched a fit if my sister ruined my photo, so I give those young girls a lot of credit.  It cannot be easy to have an entire country watching you.
     I'm always impressed with Michelle Obama's fashion style, and she always looks beautiful!  How exciting it must be for the American designers who had their clothing chosen for this historical day.  I especially loved the red dress Mrs. Obama  wore for the formal balls.  I wish she had twirled around when they were dancing, because it would have made my day!
     Congratulations Mr. President!  You have the love, respect, and admiration of so many Americans.  I pray for you to do great things, because we will all benefit as the country solves its problems.  I do believe that better days are coming, and I'm glad that I'm living during these historical times.  I often wonder how the historians will view these early decades of the twenty-first century.  Let's all get involved, and work to make sure it is positive....this is not a dress rehearsal, it really is unfolding before our very eyes.......and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......


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