Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Hatters Celebrate Fifteen Years

  My Red Hat Chapter, the Improper Bostonian's got together on Saturday for a Valentine's Day Tea Party.   The Red Hat Society is celebrating fifteen years as an organization.  The first chapter formed in California, and now there are thousands of chapters around the world.  It's a club for women over fifty, who wear a red hat and a purple outfit to events.  Anyone younger than fifty, wears a pink hat and lavender shirt.  We are encouraged to show our individuality, whether we choose simple or elegant accessories.
  Everyone was asked to bring a china tea cup and saucer.  We were told to put all the saucers on a separate table, then keep the tea cup.  More than half of the tea cups were vintage, and the shapes and patterns reminded us of our grandmothers.  Many were delicate with gold rims, no longer popular since gold cannot go into the microwave. We each chose a saucer that we liked, then we had to go around to each table and find the matching cup.  I loved the idea, because it allowed us to mingle more than usual.  We all talked about the cups we had brought, and any memories they held.  My cousin brought a set that came from her Dad's antique store.  Many others had similar stories, which gave us plenty to talk about during our catered lunch.
   The camaraderie that the Red Hatters experience is priceless.  We get together with our own chapter, and team up with other groups for bigger events.  Four different chapters were represented at our Anniversary Tea.  Everyone received a Chocolate rose for Valentine's Day,  and we have drawings and prizes at every gathering.  Our group rounds up the cost of each event to include some extra money, which we use to support one of our charities.
Friendships are formed, and women feel connected at a time in our lives when we sometimes can feel isolated.  The benefit is that we share both the good times and the bad times with our sisters.  The internet allows us to send get well wishes, and notes of encouragement.  Our chapter represents a slice of life, with members battling cancer, and others facing surgery and medical issues.  There is a saying that " a problem shared is a problem cut in half", and I believe that to be true.  Cell phones show pictures of new grandchildren, and chronicle happy events.  Our get-together's are buzzing with friendship.  We are not alone, and it makes a big difference to have a network that we can rely on.  I've been a part of my group now for ten years, and I look forward to attending as many events as I can......the cost of our luncheon was minimal, but the value of our chapter is priceless......and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.........


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