Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sisters go on a Road Trip

  Three years ago, the sisters  decided to celebrate our birthdays by going away overnight.  It's a lot better than trying to find a gift for each other.  At our age, we tend to all have we need, and most of us are always trying to simplify our lives.  These days I ask for things I can use up because I've run out of space to display stuff.  My collectibles sometimes feel more like dust collectors than treasures.
   This weekend, five of us piled into a car driven by the youngest member of the group,  and headed to Cape Cod.  We are all celebrating birthdays before the end of the year, and our ages range from 52 to 60.
My two sisters and I , our brother's wife, and a friend from grade school were going on a road trip.  We tend to have a lot to laugh about, and sometimes get hysterical about nothing.  I'll share some of the highlights.
   We are all hearing a little less than perfect these days, and it was like playing a game of telephone.  We all were having the same conversation, but we all heard things "just a little differently".  Some of us heard things "a lot differently", and we would crack up as we said what we thought we had heard.
   We went to a beautiful restaurant with a piano player.  We were seated at a round table in a corner near the window with the palm trees.  There were lovely chandeliers, but they did not provide much light for our table.  My sister had a hard time reading her menu, so I retrieved a small flashlight from my purse.  Everyone squealed with laughter, but we passed it around as needed.  We even had our waitress joking about the "electric light show".  I reminded them that the girl scout motto is "Be Prepared", which brought up memories of being in the scouts, and all sorts of silly things.
     We learned that a smart route system can be annoying, especially when the driver decides to ignore the directions.  Obviously, the term "bear left" can be interpreted several ways.  We turned around and drove passed the same police cruiser a couple of times before we understood the instructions.  Eventually, we arrived at our destination, and enjoyed a wonderful museum.  It included an antique auto exhibit, beautiful artwork, and  we even got a ride on a working carousel.  We stopped for lunch, then decided to head home.  One of the sisters asked to stop at an antique shop, and another said we had been there the day before.  The argument was settled when we realized that we had just walked the entire area that morning when we passed the Victorian Inn where we  had spent the night.  We couldn't decide if we are a comedy or a tragedy, but we do have fun!  There is something to the saying that reality is stranger than fiction,  you just cannot make this stuff up!
      On the two hour drive home, I was having trouble with my seat belt, because it got increasingly tight.  I tried to loosen it, but that didn't work, so I would release it and start again.  At least three times, I unlocked my sister's belt instead of my own.  There was another incident where my sisters tried to help me.  I was holding the seat belt with one hand  to keep it from getting too tight.  I was also trying to drink my iced latte, but the straw they had given me was not long enough for the domed lid.  I would have to let go of the seat belt in order to get the straw. As I lamented my situation, one sister told me to "put it under my arm".  Of course, she was talking about the seat belt, but I tried to hold the cup in the crook of my arm!   We are all amazed that I've managed to live 59 years.  Hey, when they are picking on me, they are leaving someone else alone.  Actually we had a ball!  We aren't sure where we will go next year, but we've already decided on our 2014 destination, and I cannot wait.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.........

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