Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scary Halloween Movies

  When Matt was 8 or 9, his favorite Halloween movie was the "Goonies".   I still recommend it.  So, if you think it is age appropriate, try to watch it this Halloween season.  It is about a bunch of friends who work together to find the treasure of a pirate named One Eyed Willie.  It has bravery, drama, humor, and some pretty scary parts. I actually typed "very", but it really is a kids movie.   I jumped every time we watched it, and since we had it on tape, we watched it a lot.  We talked about it a lot, too.  We can learn a lot from our kids by talking about things they like.
  I loved driving a car load of kids when they were talking about stuff as if I weren't even there.  Talk about being a "fly on the wall".  I'd  ask a few questions to get the discussion started, then try and stay out of the conversation.   Everyone had to tell his favorite,  and least favorite character.  Each got the chance to tell the best part of the movie, and the worst part of the movie.  We voted on the scariest parts, and the grossest scene.  We talked about teamwork and problem solving.  I wanted to know who they would like to play, and which of their friends would they choose to play each character.
   I always volunteered to play the part of the jumpy kid, or the one who 'screamed like a girl'.  I didn't want anyone getting singled out or picked on for being frightened of scary movies.  I still jump when someone gets attacked on TV, even when I know that something scary is about to happen.  I cannot help it, and I guess it can be pretty annoying for my family.  I cover my eyes and say "ick" a lot.
   I hope you all get to enjoy a scary movie this Halloween season.  It will give ideas for costumes for parties or trick or treating....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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