Sunday, October 7, 2012

Patriots Needed November 6, 2012

    Almost sixty million people watched the debate between President Obama and Mr. Romney on Wednesday night.  It's always good to hear the candidates speak in their own words.  A lot has been said about style and our President's body language.  Many were shocked to hear Mr Romney change his statements from the speech he gave at the August convention.  Some have used the word "lies" to describe them.  With two presidential debates and one vice presidential debate scheduled before the election, we are sure to get more information.  Please pay attention, as we must decide on November 6.  
      I am not going to tell anyone how to think or what to believe.  I just want to emphasize how important it is for all Americans to vote in this election.  Here are the Americans I am asking to vote. Not sure about all the issues?  Then just pick one or two and vote for the candidate that agrees with you on those issues.

  • All Americans who are pretty happy with the way the country is going must vote to show support.
  • All Americans who are unhappy with the direction of the country must vote and be counted.
  • Middle class voters need to cast a ballot that will keep us strong.
  • Patriotic Americans will get to hire the team in Washington to get things done.  Please Vote wisely.
  • Servicemen and their families must allow their voices to be heard with their ballot. We thank you.
  • Senior citizens must weigh in on issues that will affect them directly.
  • Teachers and students must go to the polls and vote for education.
  • Women must vote for fair pay and other women's health issues.
  • Cops,  firefighters, and emergency workers must vote to keep their communities safe.
  • Healthcare professionals can send a message to our elected officials about care and coverage.
  • Construction workers need to make their voices heard at the polls, and ask for more jobs.
  • City and state and federal employees must vote to support candidates who support your issues.
  • Every man and woman who loves our country must do their patriotic duty and vote.
They say all politics is local.  Some say they don't vote because no one has asked.  I'm asking.  Please listen at the debates, and I hope you'll hear that request directly from the candidates.  Listen for the issues that are important to you and your family.  When the candidates show you what they are really like, you must believe them.  One thousand votes in any district may swing the election one way or another.  It's true and it really is that important.  Your country is counting on you to stand up and be counted.  Get to the polls and vote and drive a neighbor if  you can......and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......


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