Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prayer Vigil from Aurora Colorado

   I have been watching the prayer service held for the victims in Aurora, Colorado.  More than ten thousand attended the prayer vigil. It broke my heart to hear the names and ages of the twelve killed at the movie theater.  In the days ahead, we will learn more about the fifty-eight injured as well as the hundreds of others affected by the tragedy.  Lives will be changed forever because of the actions of one bad guy.
   There were so many stories told about the kindness of strangers.  We learned that cops, EMT's, medical staff and ordinary citizens worked together so that the incident did not go the way the shooter wanted.  The name of the suspect was not mentioned once in the ninety minute service,  as he does not deserve any fame for his actions.  If his gun did not jam,  the number of casualties would have been much worse.  
   President  Obama visited the hospital, and spoke to the injured and the families.  Prayers were led by  clergy from many denominations.  I think about the serenity prayer, which ends "courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."   If the country can unite through a tragedy, perhaps it is time for the country to work together to prevent this type of tragedy.  I do not believe that citizens should be able to purchase military weapons, and full riot gear.  The suspect had a pistol, a shotgun,  and an assault rifle which was illegal until ten years ago when the ban was allowed to expire.  He bought 6000 rounds of ammunition, and one of the clips held one hundred bullets.  He was also making bombs in his apartment building which housed close to thirty apartments.  All of this was purchased  legally in the United States of America.  Really?????  I know we can do better!
     I'm told that fifty-five people are killed by guns every day in my country.   Let's honor them by having the courage to ban military grade weapons, and high capacity ammunition clips.  I do not believe our founding fathers had this in mind with the second amendment.  They wanted us to hunt, and be able to protect ourselves, not massacre kids in movies, colleges, and high schools. Enough is enough!
   I believe that the actions of one bad person can be a catalyst to bring out the best in all of us.  Americans should demand common sense solutions when it comes to our safety.  Evil exists when  good people stay silent, so it's time to speak up and weigh in.  I'm for regulations that help people.  I hope you are, too.....
have a good week everyone....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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