Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anniversaries and Birthdays

      July has always been a busy month in our family.  We celebrated our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary on July 10th.  Twenty-nine years ago today, we moved into our house.  As I floated around the pool this afternoon,  I let my mind wander back through time.  We bought the house from a couple who were retiring to Florida.  They wanted to take a few weeks to pack and move, but we were too anxious.  I was nine months pregnant and my due date was July19th.  Luckily, our families all helped us move and unpack boxes.  We would work for a few hours, then cool off in the pool.  I waddled around trying to decide where furniture and dishes should go.  My sisters set up my entire kitchen, while I dangled my swollen ankles in the pool. 
     I wished I had paid more attention to things, because friends came up to visit on the 19th, and I wasn't sure where things like the can opener were.  Of course, I wasn't at home because I was in the hospital with labor pains.  Our friends called from our home as they were trying to feed the dogs, and neither one of us could direct them how to find stuff.  I'm not sure I thought any of this were funny then,  but it would make for a funny sitcom episode today.   My mom stopped by on her way back from her lung cancer treatment, and the nurses were upset that I was too busy yakking to monitor my pains and do my breathing exercises.  I was the last of eleven women to give birth that day, and the doctor couldn't believe that I was recounting the days events after almost twenty hours of labor.  In between contractions he told me a joke about cleaning the cat box which I cannot remember now.  We were having a fine time, but my husband and the nurses thought we should be more serious.  He said our baby was strong because I was strong, and that made all the difference.  We left the hospital on Friday, and had a houseful of company the next day which was a Saturday, and every day of each weekend that entire summer.  
    Looking back, it never dawned on us to say we had a newborn, and wanted to have some quiet time.  We had a pool,  it was summer, and I was on maternity leave.  Our mom was battling cancer, and we all wanted to be together.  I'm sure mom made the salads, and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  My father- in- law loved my fruit salad because I put lots of blueberries in it, and so I made it often.   We wanted to enjoy life as much as possible, and that's what we did.  Matt loved to be held, and he was not a good sleeper.  Perhaps because there was always a dozen grandparents, aunts and uncles around . Whenever he was fussy, we took turns holding and rocking him, and that  gave us comfort.  I always knew that there would be plenty of time to have quiet weekends, and we got to have one today.  Of course,  part of me would love to have that summer back, and to have everyone together again......have a good week everyone....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.....

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