Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Rainbow Bridge

  Two weeks ago I wrote about our five hour ordeal at the animal hospital with our boxer, Vito.  I am sorry to report that our beloved pet died that same night in his sleep.  I am so thankful that we decided to bring him home that night.  It is still unbelievable to me that we could take a happy, healthy five year old boxer to the Vet at 5pm on a Sunday evening, and he was dead at 5am Monday morning.  Today we can take comfort in the fact that we had ruled out anything that could have been fixed or prevented.  Our Vet believes that it was probably a tumor that had begun to bleed,  which caused him to become so disoriented. Even if we had found it that night, he assures us it would have been inoperable.   It has been a very tough two weeks, but each day seems to be a little  Let me tell you a little about ''my doggy".
   Vito was a celebrity in our neighborhood.  My husband, Ron was his favorite, and they walked every night.  If they walked every street in our development, they would do two miles, and everyone knew them.  Folks who don't even have a pet, bought dog bones to give 'Big V' a treat when he stopped to visit.  He was a ninety pound gentle giant who loved everyone, and now we realize how much everyone loved him. Friends swear that when they smiled at Vito, he actually smiled back.   We have received fifteen cards from family and neighbors, as well as an edible arrangement, and two plants.  Every day we had cards in the mailbox.  Our favorite is a handmade card from one of the little girls around the corner, and another contained a beautiful poem.  One card described the Rainbow Bridge, as the place where we will meet our pet one day.  The author is unknown, but it is beautiful sentiment, and gave us comfort.
    Ron has taken a few walks around the neighborhood in the last two weeks.  He walked every day until he had told everyone personally.  He brought a couple of tissues for him, and some for everyone he might meet.
He plans to walk and thank everyone for their cards and  gifts.  Ron gave the food, treats and dog dishes to the young couple who got a boxer because they liked Vito so much.   This weekend we passed on two of Vito's dog beds, and a bunch of toys and other supplies.  Some things will be thrown away, and some special things will be saved forever.  It's a lot of decisions and a lot of emotions.
    Pets are such a big part of any family, and our daily routine.  I still look for him to be catching the sunshine, sprawled out on the living room rug.  He could always find the sun streaming in some window, and was right there to catch the rays.  He met us at the door when we got home, and waited for his treats before we left the house.  He loved ice cubes, and was always sitting by his dish when I turned around from the ice maker. I automatically have one in my hand ready to give him, and I'm sure I will  for a few more weeks.  It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
     My husband says that we will never get another pet because Vito was the perfect dog.  He never barked, chewed anything, or got into anything that he shouldn't.  Ron always called him an angel, and they were inseparable.  I think that when the time is right, another dog will find us because we are dog people.  We know that we can never replace Vito, and will only get another dog when we are ready to move on.  We have already had four dogs since we have been married, and each time we thought we'd never get another pet.  Vito was extra special, and if love alone could have saved him, he never would have died.....
     Matt suggested that everyone hug their pets, and he is calling often to make sure we are OK.  Have a good week everyone, and give your pets some extra love.....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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