Sunday, March 4, 2012


   Baby boomers will remember this popular Helen Reddy song from our teenage years.  It united women of all ages, and I think we need to stand up for ourselves again.  It's time for us to pay attention, talk to our friends, and weigh in on  recent events.  I do not like bullies, and so I was disgusted to hear shock jock Rush Limbaugh,  pick on a college student after she spoke  before Congress regarding contraception.  The issue revolves around co-pays, and insurance coverage.  When several sponsors of his radio show cancelled their ads, he apologized for calling anyone using contraceptives a "slut and a prostitute".  REALLY????? He also thought "femin-nazis" (his term)  would consider it amusing when he presented the scenario that he should get to watch college students having sex, if insurance covered their prescriptions.  SERIOUSLY Rush?????  Of course, because he doubled down for three days, all of this is now public record and available to see and hear.
   Look, we all get to have our own opinion, but we do not get to change the facts.  Since 99% of all American women will have used contraceptives at some point in our lives, I believe that we have all been callled those same hateful names.  I also believe that evil exists because good people do nothing.  I was proud of our President for calling Ms Fluke and offering his support. Parents in every state in this country are outraged, and social media connects us all.  This is an issue that I cannot ignore.  I'm asking for angry independents to take a stand, and send a message.  We don't have to scream, we just have to act.  The sensible center can refuse to buy products advertised on Limbaugh's radio show.  We can sign an on-line petition.  We can contact our elected officials, and let them know that millions of women are watching.  Words and actions have consequences, and this is no exception. 
    If women's rights and women's health issues continue to grab headlines in 2012, then this must be the year that women get out and vote.  If more women served in Congress, the facts would have been presented from our  female perspective.  It's unbelievable that Congress held hearings without one women being allowed to speak.  I think we can do better than this. I believe that Congress would have heard from a woman that contraceptives are used for theraputic reasons, and it is the most reliable treatment for many serious issues.  Baby boomers should tell their stories.
  Each one of us will get to weigh in with our ballots,  November 6th.   We are women, hear us roar, in numbers too big to ignore....we are women, watch us vote !!!!
This is my opinion, so take what you like and leave the rest....the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.....

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