Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love, Love , Love

    I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day week.  We celebrated it over the weekend, because work gets in the way during the week.  These days we keep it simple, a card and small gift,  and a dinner out.  My husband does nice things all the time,  and so I don't feel like I need any big expressions of love.  Years ago, I told him  to skip the roses unless I'm going to be home to enjoy them, and I'm still OK with that. 
   Let's take time this month to love and care for ourselves.  I read an article a few years ago,  about February being the month of forgiveness, and that we should start by forgiving ourselves.  This week, I'm going to make a conscious effort to forgive myself for mistakes in my past.  Let's stop beating ourselves up for not being perfect, and begin to embrace being "good enough".   This doesn't mean that we stop trying to improve, and we can always apologize for bad behavior.  It just means that we start each day with a clean slate instead of carrying yesterday's baggage with us.  It also helps me to make a conscious decision to be positive.  One of my friends has a policy that when one of her kids says something mean about a sibling, they have to say two things that are kind.  Let's try and do that for ourselves this week.  I bet it gives us an attitude boost.  If I catch myself focusing on a negative, I'll counteract with two positive thoughts. 
   Next week,  try and forgive someone else.  Don't bother to call them, this is purely an excercise for us.   I'm going to look myself in the mirror, and say "I forgive (fill in the blank) because it is healthier for me.  I'm not going to carry this around with me another day."  Forgiveness does not mean that we forget, and I do not recommend restarting unhealthy relationships or bad habits.  It just means moving on to a better emotional place.  Concentrating on the solution, instead of the problem really helps.
   I often tell friends not to beat themselves up when they are agonizing over a situation. Today I am able to take  that same  advice, and  be my own best friend.  I'm not a professional, and I'm just sharing some of my own experiences.  Please take what you like, and leave the rest...and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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