Sunday, February 12, 2012

California Dreamin'

  We just got back from a week in California.  Well, I can say that my body is back in New England, but my mind is still on vacation!  We looked forward to the trip for weeks, and while it seemed to go by in a flash, it definitely exceeded our expectations.  The weather  was  fantastic, and  we totally forgot about Northeast temperatures.  Winter getaways are the best when you are  able to travel to a warmer climate.   We enjoyed a jam-packed week that stretched from a visit to the San Diego Zoo,  to being part of the audience at the Tonight Show in Burbank.  We walked the beach, and ate at restaurants overlooking the ocean, where we could see whales in the distance.  I can cross seeing Jay Leno, and eating an In and Out burger off my bucket list !!
 The most relaxing part was soaking up the sun while reading my book by the pool, and the most stressful part was the crazy traffic. A drive on the Pacific Coast Highway was a beautiful way to see the ocean and the mansions that overlook the water.
  It was great to see our son and grand-doggy, and nice to see them doing well.  Matt is a generous host and very good tour guide, and it was fun spending time together.  I was extremely grateful that the ground never shook, but we were showered with gifts.  I only teared up a few times, and I was able to say good-bye without crying.  I cannot wait till  our next trip, and have already started my list of things I want to do next time. 
  My gratitude list has to include good times with family, the Samsung Galaxy tablet,  and a week full of blue skies and sunshine.  Have a good week everyone....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on......

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