Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Oldest and the Youngest Celebrate November Birthdays

   My Dad turned 84yrs young 11-11-11!!  Of course, I phoned him at 11:11am to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I was lucky to catch them home.  He said they were headed out for the day, but would end up going out to dinner.  It was after 10pm when I caught up to them next.  He said twenty-one friends had met at a local restaurant.  It's hard to believe that my folks have been retired and living in Florida for twenty years.  Though we all miss them, we know that they have been able to stay active because of the beautiful weather.   I cannot wait for their twelve day Thanksgiving visit, which will take them to children in three New England states.  It will be fun to get together again and celebrate with four generations.  It's a day to enjoy traditions and favorite family recipes. 
  Yesterday, I went to a birthday party for one of my youngest relatives.  My cousin's son turned one year old November 12th.  He got a nice collection of trucks that all light up and make noises, and had his first piece of birthday cake.  It was  beautiful and messy and fun all at the same time!  Anyone with a 12-12-12 birthday should start planning now for next year.  It's once in a lifetime!!
   My take away is to enjoy each day, and not take things for granted.  I am fortunate to have both old and young relatives who are healthy enough to celebrate their birthdays.  I plan to make a couple of "top eleven" lists for my Dad.  There are four children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren for a total of eleven. I'll list the best eleven silly songs and lame jokes that we heard often around our dinner table.  I'm going to try and get the one who originated each joke to tell it again.  Hopefully it will help us remember and laugh about the good old days. I know that we are all thankful to have another holiday together. 
 Here are some other suggestions.   Go around the table and ask everyone to say something that each one is thankful for.  Ask everyone to tell their favorite Thanksgiving memory, or their favorite food.  Most of our memories are about disaster dishes or burnt food.  It seems that we remember some of the misses much  more than the perfect dinners.  It gets a lot of laughs, as long as we don't pick on the extra sensitive cooks.  As always, take what you like and leave the rest. 
Have a good week everyone...and the beat goes on...the beat goes on

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