Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ask, and Believe, then Wait to Receive

   I like to watch the House Hunter shows on the Home and Garden channel.    Every episode follows the same format.  Buyers are shown several houses, but only three options are included.  The buyers must decide if they want to place a formal offer, and if so, we get to see the price negotiations, and the conclusion.    Recently, I watched a program about a first time home buyer, who's motto was "ask, and believe, then wait to receive".  Her approach was the same with every house.  She had asked for a home that would be perfect for her,  and she believed that it would become available.  Of course, she had a small budget to work with, and a wish list that would be difficult to find.  She fell in love with a house that was outside her budget, but she put in an offer for the maximum that she could borrow.  Sadly, the offer was rejected, and the agent stated that the deal was done.  The buyer repeated her mantra, and said that she would wait to receive her blessing.  If this house wasn't the one for her, she knew that another one would come along.  Apparently she wound up getting the house of her dreams, because the original offer fell through.  A true happy ending!
    I decided to try and use this in my own life.  I've begun to ask for good things, and believe that I will receive them.  While I'm stuck in traffic, or in the long line at the grocery store, I use the time to let my mind wander of good things to come.  We all have heard that we are meant to enjoy many more blessings than we actually do.  Some say that we need to ask for things like love, good health, the right job, and financial security.  I'm willing to take that chance.  My friends say that I've been able to accomplish things when I've  put my mind to it, and maybe this is the same idea.  I need to focus on what is important to me, and take steps to get what I want.  I am going to ask,  and believe, then wait to receive.  I'll update again as my wishes come true.....and the beat goes on......the beat goes on........

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