Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marathon Monday

  Tomorrow is the 118th Boston Marathon.  This year will be different for many reasons.  Tomorrow, there will be more runners and spectators than ever.  There will also be more security, and news coverage.   Last year the race was interrupted for many,  when two homemade bombs were left to explode near the finish line.  Three innocent victims died at the scene, and a police officer was killed a few days later.  I've also learned that another officer who was involved,  passed away recently.
  The bombers could never have predicted that their acts of hatred would have galvanized the city of Boston, the country and the world.  Boston Strong is the perfect way to describe how we emerged after this horrible tragedy.  Bostonians are just too stubborn to let the bad guys win.  Boston was determined to not be defined by a senseless act of violence, but of a city that wanted to show that love will always trump hatred.  Our love of freedom, friendship, and our flag helped us to triumph over terrorism.
   This week, I watched many of the TV shows and tributes to honor the victims, and celebrate the remarkable journey of the survivors.  We all marvel at the resolve of the injured to live their lives to the fullest.  I was so touched to see and hear from the survivors.  We all watched news footage as strangers ran toward the danger, and helped get the injured life saving medical care.  Big Papi of the Red Sox  spoke for all of us which included the famous "bleep".
  This week, we heard from the medical staff of the Boston hospitals, and the Watertown cops who recounted the events.  It took just 108 hours for Boston to apprehend the bad guys.  When it was all over, residents lined the streets to cheer on the police officers as they left that small town.  Citizens who would have never believed that they would need SWAT teams and armored vehicles in their neighborhood.  Americans who were so grateful that our government is big enough to fight for us, that they sang "God Bless America" as the tanks left.  
  Everyone who made it to the hospital that day, is alive and still fighting to recover from their injuries.  The One Fund has been set up to help as long as is needed.  This year, many runners are raising money to help with ongoing medical expenses.  It will be a long road to recovery, but we will all get through it together.   I'm always proud to be an American......and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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