Saturday, February 15, 2014

When in Doubt--Chicken Out

    This has been a good week to stay home and watch the Olympics.  New England is in the midst of our second huge storm this week.  Thursday was an all day snow event, and we were clobbered with another foot of heavy wet snow.  It's been snowing lightly since noon today, just enough to make it treacherous.             Cape Cod area is getting the jackpot, which means they will get the most snow.  There is another snow and rain mix scheduled to hit on Tuesday, then in typical New England form, we may see fifty degrees on Friday.  It will be nice to see a lot of the snow piles melt.  It will begin to feel like the end of winter.
   The snowstorms gave us a good excuse to stay home and watch the Olympics on TV.  I watched most of the US vs Russian hockey game early this morning.  The game was very exciting, and the US won in a shoot-out.  This was not a medal game, and it is quite possible that these two teams may meet again with the gold medal on the line.  Some very familiar NHL superstars are playing for their home countries, and teammates may face off during the games.  Several Boston Bruins are playing for Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other countries.  It must be a thrill to represent their home countries, although I will always root for the United States.
     My favorite events are the ice dancers, and I also saw the luge and skeleton races, as well as the snowboard and some of the skiing events.  The US has not done very well in the speed skating events, and I'm not sure if we have any more chances to compete in that venue.  Win or lose, I'm proud to be an American.  I love hearing the background stories on the athletes.  It is such a huge commitment to prepare to be an Olympian, and they all deserve a fantastic experience.
     Tonight, the Russians have won 15 medals, and the US is in second place with 14 total medals.  There is still another week of competition, and I wish all the Athletes good luck....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.......

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