Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Sprinkle

   I went to a sprinkle today.  I found out recently that a "sprinkle"  is a light baby shower.  My nephew and his wife are expecting their second child soon, and they know that they will be having a girl.  Their first born is a boy, and so they already have all the big stuff.  All they need now are pink outfits, bedding and accessories that are suitable for a baby girl.
   Clothes for baby girls are adorable, and we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over the new wardrobe.  We were smart enough to buy clothes from newborn to 12 months, and so the new arrival will have a beautiful collection of bibs,  pajamas, sundresses, shirts with ruffles and of course, shoes that will last a few months.
    There were three great-grandmothers in attendance, and they provided some of the best gifts.  One painted a picture for the baby's room, and another brought a handmade blanket and sweater set, and the third gave the baby her very first Red Sox  team shirts.   These active women are close to eighty, and are all going strong.  I hope I am doing as well in another twenty years.
   Someone folded tee shirts and socks to look like cupcakes.  Apparently directions are available on line.
We all had a wonderful time, and  look forward to welcoming  a happy and healthy addition to our family.   It's exciting to see the next generation, and the promise of good things to come.  I have to smile as I think about the circle of life.  Last weekend we celebrated one niece's graduation, and this weekend another niece's baby shower...all the kids are growing up so fast...and the beat goes on....the beat goes on......

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