Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friends of My Friends

    Last week was very emotional for the entire New England area.  Funeral services were held for the four victims of the Marathon bombing, and thousands  attended to support the families of those innocent by- standers who lost their lives.   Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to all of them.  May they stay Boston Strong!
   We have learned a lot more about the injured, and it seems that we all know people who were their friends, neighbors and co-workers.  The Boston 1 Funds has raised over $26 million dollars to help with medical bills and prosthetic legs.  It will surely take the generosity of the entire country to help with the long road to recovery. Americans really do know how to work together, and take care of each other.
    We are learning about the ordinary citizens who did extraordinary things, and helped to save strangers.It is wonderful to know that all those who made it to the hospital after the explosion will survive!  They have begun to tell their stories as they are strong enough to leave the hospital.  They will have to stay  Boston Strong --wicked strong!
     I heard a comment that it was stupid to pick on a city where 9 out of 10 Bostonians are related to a cop. I can validate that statement because I have three cousins who are all policemen.  My grandfather was a Boston cop.  Several of my neighbors are police officers, and all of them deserve a shout out and our thanks for keeping us safe.
      A Boston Bruin was interviewed  before a hockey game last week, and he stressed that people from Boston and the surrounding cities are tough.  He reminded us that they call themselves "Mass-holes".  We usually only hear that term when someone with Massachusetts license plates cuts us off in traffic, but this time it seems to have a more positive meaning.  I'm proud to see the defiance in the hearts of the community.  It will take determination and perseverance to get through this.
      My favorite comment of the week reminded us of the importance of Patriots Day.  Without Boston, we may not have a country.  If it weren't for the actions of Paul Revere and his friends who took a stand against British tyranny on April 15, 1775, there would not be the United States of America.  Boston was the city that started our country.  I guess that means that Mass-holes have been Boston Strong  for 238 years....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.......

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