Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Strong--Wicked Strong

   New Englanders  will never forget what we were doing Patriot's Day 2013 when the bombs exploded at the Marathon.  I was at work, and speaking with someone whose granddaughter was there to watch a friend race.  She immediately called her daughter, and then waited hours to find out that everyone was safe.  Southern New Hampshire is only a short drive to Boston, and many of us work there and  have friends and family in Massachusetts.  We all know someone who was running in this year's Marathon, because so many run for charities.  I contributed to help a friend's sister raise research money for Dana Farber.  The hospital cared for their young cousin who died of cancer a few years ago.  Another acquaintance is married to an avid runner, and they actually plan vacations around races throughout the country.
    The bad guys seemed to have calculated everything except for spirit of the people who would be at the finish line.  I'm convinced that so many are alive today because of the kindness of strangers.  The medical tent was staffed with doctors and nurses ready to help runners. Ambulances were on hand and got the injured  to the hospitals within 5 or 10 minutes.  At 2:50 pm the Marathoners still running are not elite runners, but regular people, doctors, nurses, soldiers, police and firemen, teachers and every other profession imaginable.  All of them were running for their own personal reasons, just trying to finish the race for their cause.  Many of them stopped and ran back to help administer first aid.  Others ran another couple of miles to give blood at the nearby hospitals.
     Boston is pretty small for a big city.  The man who tried to save the young boy who died recognized Martin, because he knows the whole family.  Family and friends were together that day, and so many members of the same family were impacted.  The news covered another story about a mother and daughter who share a hospital room because mom lost both legs and the daughter had serious injuries.
    One of the young guys from the New Hampshire Swat team went to school with our son, and his parents still live in our neighborhood.  I have three cousins  who are all cops in Boston and Cambridge, and I watched in horror as the gun fight in Watertown was shown live as part of our local news coverage.  Like everyone else, we were glued to our TV all day Friday.  I absolutely loved the fact that people took to the streets when it was all over, and cheered and clapped as police drove out of their small town.  I was touched that the Yankees, and other baseball teams played "Sweet Caroline" at their games and the fans sang in support of Boston.
     During the week, our President was cheered as he spoke of his time in Boston.  I was touched that the Yankees, and other baseball teams played "Sweet Caroline" at their games and the fans sang in support of Boston. The out-pouring of love from the entire country means a lot to the community.
   The Bruins had a beautiful ceremony before Wednesday's game and came up with the term ''Boston Strong''.  Anyone from Boston knows that some neighborhoods would say "wicked strong".  The Bruins always give their game shirts to fans after the last home game, and today they thanked  runners, and cops, and doctors.  Every player gave the shirt off his back to a person who had gotten involved.  Fans cheered and cried at the same time.  Yesterday, the Red Sox played their first home game, and also had a ceremony to honor those who died and were injured.  They thanked many who helped with the injured, as well as the police and investigators who worked the case.  Big Papi said it best, and he even swore at the bad guys.  He said what every American was thinking "this is our F--ing town and no one gets to dictate our freedom."
    I heard a reporter who covers the mid east and the wars say that the bad guys would be shocked at the defiance of the American people.  They believe that we are soft, and if we get knocked down, we will cower and hide.  They would never expect to see citizens in the streets  cheering and thanking law enforcement.  I guess they underestimate just how much our freedoms mean to us.  Even though we live in dangerous times, we will fight to be able to live in a  free and open society.  Boston showed us this week how much can be accomplished when we all work together.  I'm proud to be part of that community, and I hope that the spirit of cooperation continues to help the injured and the families of those who were killed.  I'm praying for you all....and the beat goes on...the beat goes on......

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