Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Patrick's Day Celebration

   I got back to New Hampshire yesterday from the sisters' weekend in Florida.  We visit our folks in March, and I always promise to bring back some Florida sunshine to my friends and co-workers.  I usually return with a little pep in my step, some color in my cheeks, and my batteries recharged.  This year there were seven women and my Dad all staying under one roof.  There were three generations on June's side, because her daughter and granddaughter were able to visit this year.  We stayed up late, and had lots of laughs.  We enjoyed leisurely mornings, while we took turns getting ready.  We share the cooking, and the clean-up, and try to spoil our folks for a few days.  This time we kept it simple, and I really enjoyed myself!
  The weather was on the cool side, but was warm and sunny for the neighborhood block party.  Seventy people filled the circle for  the annual St. Patrick's day party, which featured a catered dinner, karaoke, and a fire pit.  There were prizes for the best costume, and there were lots of green wigs,,  funny hats and hilarious sayings on tee shirts.  There was even an Irish Jig dance contest !  
   It has been snowing in New Hampshire for almost twenty-four hours, and we have accumulated another foot of snow.  I can officially say that I've had enough of this winter.  We had just begun to see pavement and grass, and the snow piles were melting in our parking lots at work.  We were convinced that the worst was behind us, but Mother Nature always gets her way.  I hope the skiers are happy, and the slopes have great conditions and lots of trails open.
    Tomorrow is the first day of spring 2013,  and I'm looking forward to the warm, sunny days that are promised.  The days are getting  longer each week, and we will celebrate Easter on March 31st.  Let's hope the snow melts in ten days, and we can have some outdoor Easter egg hunts....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on......

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