Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

  Happy Easter and Happy Passover!  I hope you enjoyed a nice day with family and friends.  We had dinner with the sisters and our families.  Our brother and his family stopped by for dessert, after spending the day with his in-laws.
   Easter is one of the easy holidays, because it is more about the people than the gifts.  We had three generations, aging from teenagers to eighty-something.  No matter how often we get together, we never run out of conversation.  We love to discuss and disagree, and tease each other.   We may all think differently about life in general, but today we decide to "live and let live".  We avoid the topic of politics, and only talk religion as it relates to Easter, the holiest day for Catholics.   We wonder about the bunny rabbit, and the eggs and candy, and how it all began....
  Everyone helps out, and we spend six hours together, although the time seems to go quickly.  Our meal is wonderful and we contemplate changing to a less formal brunch next year with some breakfast items.  The teenagers vote for pizza and chicken fingers, but the adults still want shrimp and appetizers, so we still have a lot of work to do.
   We call Matt on our drive home, and he is watching Final Four Basketball, so we keep our chat short.  I'm happy to hear his voice, and glad that he is taking a few hours to relax.  We talked to my Dad earlier in the day, and passed the phone so he could talk to all of us.
    My gratitude list reminds me that I'm pretty lucky. Life is calm, and everyone is doing fairly well.  I have family in my life, and we can spend an entire day together, and really enjoy ourselves.  When I concentrate on what I have,  instead of what I do not have,  I feel blessed.  It's something that I decide to do a lot more often  ...and the beat goes on....the beat goes on......

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