Sunday, December 30, 2012

Puppy Love

  We adopted an adorable puppy today.  We've been fostering this sweet six month old pup for two weeks, but we fell in love with him the very first day we met.  He is all white with a brown patch on one of his eyes, and some brown spots on both ears.  We decided to name him Bruno, and we are trying to smother him with love.
   We came across the pup called "King",  on a web site  "Ruff Road Rescue", which we have learned is a fantastic organization.  They foster dogs in private homes while they work to find permanent homes.  This means they can only rescue a dog if they have a temporary foster home.  The benefits of this process is that the dogs are pretty well adjusted by the time they are adopted.  Our little guy sleeps through the night  in his crate, has not had an accident, and has pretty good manners for a pup with such a tough start.
   His journey to our home began about five weeks ago as a stray in New York City.   Ruff Road Rescue brought him to New Hampshire,  where  he spent one week with the director.  He stayed another week on a farm with dogs, cats, and chickens, owned by a woman who trains dogs.  She did an excellent job, because he has been totally comfortable in our home, and very easy to work with.  When they brought the pup for the home visit,  I thought they would have more questions for us.  I was told that they get a "vibe" as soon as they walk in the house.  I realize now that they were watching the dog to see if he was anxious or nervous, and that the pup would tell them all they needed to know.  He picked us before we chose him.
    I like the idea of the two week test run, because we know that Bruno will be a perfect fit in our family.  He  loves the back yard, and doesn't bark at the dogs next door.  He was well behaved on Christmas Eve with the little kids and all the adults.  He is not phased by any of the commotion, and does not gobble his food. He is happiest sitting in our lap, and loves ice cubes more than any treats.  He does not like the cold, and wears his jacket on walks.  His dog bed in the den is shaped like a couch, and he is content to lounge around and play with his toys.  He is teething, and so he needs a variety of chew toys.  Matt recommended an elk antler, which is almost indestructible and it is one of Bruno's favorites.  He destroyed all of the soft toys, and is working through his rope toys.  He has no interest in our shoes or stuff, and I hope it stays that way.
   Bruno has gained nine pounds in two weeks, and we promise that he will never miss another meal.  Ruff Road made sure that all his shots are current, he has a micro chip, and he has been neutered.  Our adoption fee helps cover those expenses.  He came to our home calm and well adjusted, and we will continue to build on those good traits.  He will attend obedience classes because we want our dog to be safe, and to know how to follow the rules.  We are looking forward to this new chapter, and I'll update often.
    Have a safe and Happy New Year.......and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.......

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