Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy the Superstorm

  Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest storms ever recorded.  It was more than 900 miles wide, and slammed the entire east coast  from Miami to Maine.  The jet stream allowed it to incorporate a nor'easter, which is why it is now called a super-storm.  I watched the news coverage in horror as it washed away lives, many homes, and the New York and Jersey coastlines. It was mother nature at her worst.  There will be plenty of time for the climate change discussions later.  Right now there is too much to do.  Some have said that New York has always been the first state to work to find long term solutions after a catastrophe.  I hope so, because everyone in the country who lives near the ocean, will be affected sooner or later with this type of storm.
   I was happy to see neighbors helping neighbors, as well as the politicians working together on behalf of American citizens.  It is going to take a long time to rebuild, even with help from the Federal Government.  I like having my government big enough to provide a safety net when disasters happen. I like to see the national guard bringing food and supplies to folks stranded in their homes.  I am encouraged when I watch Americans getting free gas from our guardsmen until the power is restored at gas stations.  I am shocked that Americans will actually vote for smaller government.  How can we continue to vote against our own interests, knowing that we have had two "storms of the Century" in the last three years?  It just does not make any sense to me.
   I have always believed that if Congress really wanted to solve problems, they'd find a way to cut through the baloney and get things done.  We need to reward our elected officials when they behave properly, and we must not let the obstructionists win.  We all have neighbors and relatives who do not agree with us politically, but would we ever let that get in the way of doing the right thing?  Democracy must be bigger than that.  We live in the greatest country on earth, and now it's time to act like it.
    Tuesday is Election Day.  As Americans, we each get one vote.  Please use it to voice your choice on the issues important to you.  We should not reward the bullies, the haters, or the obstructionists.  I want to hire politicians who will work to solve problems for the middle class, and believe that everyone must be included in our democratic process.  Please grab your ID, and head to the polls.  Stand up for a New Jersey voter who is staying with friends, and is unable to get back to vote.  Act on behalf of all those New York folks who cannot get back to their old neighborhoods until the trains begin running again.  Vote for those who may be attending funeral services, and just cannot get it done.
   I will also donate one day's pay to the Red Cross.  I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, and this is one way that I can make my words match my actions.   Please join me in supporting the storm victims.  These are real people who didn't deserve to have their lives devastated by mother nature.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on......

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