Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Foodfest

     Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and it was the usual culinary marathon.  We began with appetizers at 1:00 pm at my sisters. Our day ended at home with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches during halftime of the Patriots game at 10:00 pm.  There were only nine of us at dinner this year, and we showed pictures of the cruise, and Dad's birthday.  We called the family who could not attend, and passed the phone around so everyone got to say hello.  Thanksgiving is all about family and friends and food and fun.  We try to use family recipes, and remember the cooks who made them famous.
     Our family favorite starters include pineapple cheese ball,  stuffed celery topped with olives, as well as our regulars like shrimp cocktail and  different cheese and crackers.  
     Our main course is turkey,  mom's sausage stuffing, with six colorful vegetables and gravy.  I always skip the mashed potatoes, but enjoy sweet potatoes, and the calorie rich casseroles. Yum-yum.
     The guys did the dishes, while the cooks, and the kids took a short walk in order to make room for the dessert sampler.  Everyone takes a small piece, or a sample of their favorite desserts.  After all, if we don't enjoy our favorites now, many of them will not be made again until next year.  It really is now or never.
      I cooked a small turkey, and made stuffing for the sandwiches.  I always make turkey soup and a turkey pot pie with the leftovers.  I feel like we have been cooking and eating non-stop for days.  It will feel good to get back to our schedule tomorrow.  This weekend is December 1, and our first Christmas Party, so we will be busy now till the new year.  2012 has gone by quickly, but it has been very full.  The highs have been high, and the lows have been low.  I'll reflect on the year shortly, but for now,  I plan to enjoy the season.....and the beat goes on.....the beat goes on.....

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