Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Hat Christmas Party

   I belong to the Red Hat Society, which is an organization for women over fifty years of age.   A California woman wrote a poem about getting to an age when she could stop worrying about what other people thought.  She mentions wearing colors she liked, even though they may not match.  That was something she would never do when her children were young, as it would totally embarrass them.  The poem talks about wearing her  red hat with her favorite purple dress whether others stared or not.  Years later there are thousands of chapters throughout the world.  We do always wear our red hats and a purple outfit, which means we ususally stick out in a crowd!  Our ages range from thirty ( a princess in waiting) to eighty plus!
   Each group has  it's own rules, and ours are simple.  We try to avoid discussing health, husbands and kids while we are out.  This means we focus on ourselves, current events, and just having fun.  We met at a restaurant in early December for our Christmas lunch.  We laugh and act silly because we don't have to worry about getting dirty looks from anyone.  My husband is grateful that I get to do chick stuff, and he doesn't have to suffer through it.  As always, we tack a little onto the cost of each event in order to support our charities throughout the year.  This year we raffled off a bunch of items, with all proceeds going to help others.  I wound up with a red hat ornament, and we all went home with a poinsettia plant. 
   The best benefit is the frienships that are made.  Many of us get together between events, which keeps the retired gals busy and involved.  If someone is lonely, they pick up the phone.  I think that anything that counteracts isolation is a really good thing.  I plan on staying active, and hope as I age,  I'm described as a "spunky old lady!!"   According to my folks, sixty is the new forty, and I'll let you know when I get there!!!   May we all be blessed with good friends... as always take what you like and leave the rest.....and the beat goes on....the beat goes on.....

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