Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the Halls

 Our tree is up and the house is decorated.  I love the way it looks this year, but it always seems a little overwhelming before I get started.  All the cartons of snow globes, and totes of ornaments get dragged up from the basement, and stacked in the living room.  We are not hosting this year, so I've decided to only put out my favorite things.  I put on some Christmas music, and dig into the first box.   Before long, I find my special ornament that I've had for 50 years.  It's a Hummel, and I  received it as a gift when I was seven years old.  I get a little emotional because it occurs to me my tree tells the story of my life.  I hang the ornament that we got the year we were married.  Many have the years engraved, or photos, or places where we vacationed.  I have paper ornaments that Matt made for us in elementary school, as well as delicate crystal and porcelain ones.  I look for an angel or a figure that fills in a space perfectly.  My eyes tear up several times when I see ornaments that remind me of my mom, and others who have passed.  I work on my gratitude list, as I reflect on the good memories that my ornaments represent.  I sing along with the caroles that I know,  dance with the music, and finish in a couple of hours.  My heart is full of mixed emotions. 
  Over the next few days, I rearrange ornaments until I'm satisfied. It always about this time, that I start to wonder if next year's tree could possibly be as beautiful.  I smile and decide to just enjoy this year, and not worry about next year.  I also refuse to think about putting it all away in a few short weeks, because I know that my routine will be the same.  I'll put on some Christmas music for the last time this season,  and carefully pack things away.  Most likely, I'll sing,  shed a few tears, thank God for my blessings, and began to set my goals for the new year.  And the beat goes on...the beat goes on....have a good week everyone.....

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