Sunday, October 30, 2011


  Wow!  What a trick !!  New England was hit with a northeaster last night.  Hundreds of thousands are without power (trick), and many schools are closed tomorrow (treat), October 31st!  My neighborhood was without power for twenty-three hours. Downed tree limbs and branches are everywhere.  The previous record for October snowfall in New Hampshire was under two inches. Most of us got close to a foot of snow, but the town with the jackpot got 31inches !!  Folks were saying "Merry Halloween" and singing "I'm dreaming of a White Halloween".  Temperature will reach 50 degrees tomorrow, but many communities will postpone trick or treating until the cleanup is finished.  I expect to see snowmen with carved pumpkins for heads on lawns everywhere.
  When you live in New England, you know the drill.  Have battery operated lights and radios, candles, and down comforters on hand for storms.  Last night, there was so much snow that it looked like daylight.  I decided that I would sit up and wait for the lights to come back on, so I could reset the clocks, then shut everything off and go to bed.  I could hear tree limbs breaking and falling from the heavy wet snow.  This was no joke.  That reminded me of some of my favorite Halloween jokes.  Try them with your kids this week.  I hope they make you smile, and give you some ideas for more!

What's the ghosts favorite dessert ?  Ice scream !!
The ghosts favorite ice cream is 'cookies and scream' !
The ghosts favorite cereal is scream of wheat !
The ghosts favorite game show is Squeal of Fortune !
The ghosts favorite magazine is Good Housecreeping !
The ghosts favorite fruit is booberry !
   Have a good week everyone....the beat goes on....and the beat goes on...

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