Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favorite Mother's Day Memories

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms today.  I always tried to enjoy my Mother's Day. The best ones were low key.  Things always went better , when I'd  'go with the flow'.
 I think back to Matt as he got ready to start school.  I asked him as a first grader to "work hard and  be respectful".  It was easy as a little guy, and harder as a teenager. He always made me proud.
I think of all my Mother's Days , and how they evolved through the years.  When he was young ( 6-10 yrs) , Matt wanted to help make breakfast for me.  We would get a couple of movies, usually one that had lots of stuff getting blown up for the guys, and one that was a chick flick.  I never had to cook, or even fill my own coffee cup.  I'm drinking from my Mother's Day mug today, as I've done for the last fifteen years.  As a teenager, Matt wouldn't watch my movie, so Dad began the tradition of my guys washing my car, while I had an hour to myself. 
I remember the year first year that Matt refused to go out to eat with us.  "Come on", I pleaded, "you are the kid who made me the mother I am today"!  Matt burst out laughing, so I know I shocked him...and he came along.  I knew if I could make him laugh, and say "You are one weird woman, Ma" ,  things would be OK.
The Mother's Day before he got his license, I said we'd go look at used cars, and so we all spent the day together.  Senior year, I asked him to celebrate with us, because he might not get home while in college.   A couple of years ago, Matt was home for Mother's Day weekend. He got tickets to a Red Sox game.  The seats were fantastic, and I had a ball.  Little did we know, he would move across the country before the next Mother's Day. He's already called today, and he never forgets me.  I still wish he lived closer.
Today I get cards with a handwritten 'Roses are Red' poems.  I smile because I always write notes to Matt that start the same way.  I think of the countless times I was able to say "Thank God I have you for my son".
Roses are Red ; Violets are Blue ; I have lots of great memories ; and it's all because of YOU!!
Enjoy your week long for now....

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