Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Kid makes me speechless...again

I attended my 40th high school reunion, and it was fabulous!!  We went to a small private school, and our class consisted of 27 girls. Eighteen of us got together for a night of non-stop laughs!!  It's amazing that we could immediately recognize classmates that we hadn't seen in years .  People told me I hadn't changed "a bit"....which was music to my ears!!!  I guess we are a lot more critical about ourselves. 
I handed out my new business cards with the hope that a friend , of a friend , of a friend might be able to help.  We are already planning out 45th  reunion !!!  I wonder how many story books I'll have published by then ???? 

One of my favorite "Matt stories" happened when he was about 4yrs old.  One morning Matt asked for brownies for breakfast.  I told him that we didn't eat brownies for breakfast" and so he immediately  replied "then I want lunch"!!
That wasn't the first time I was speechless in dealing with my toddler.  I had always said that I wanted a kid healthy enough to give me a run for my money, and my son did exactly that.  Be careful what you wish for...cause you may get it !!   My mom always said she hoped I got  child just like me .....Hmmmm

So long for now and have a good week.....

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