Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

My favorite part about Easter was the Hunt for Easter Goodies.  Matt was never that big on candy, and he seemed to collect all the eggs more quickly each year.  So, as soon as  Matt could read, he received a note near his Easter basket.  It was an index card telling him to go out to the mailbox for a gift and another clue.  Each time he would collect a small gift, such as baseball cards; a new cap with his favorite team's logo; something he would need for spring sports; school supplies.  Every year one of the cards would always send him to me.  He would have to wish me a Happy Easter, give me a "smooch", and collect another clue.  He loved it !!!  It took almost an hour to find clues/gifts, running through the house and outside.  I got my Easter Hug, and Matt got things he liked better than candy.  I call that a win-win!!! So long for now.....

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