Monday, April 23, 2012

Fenway Park

  Fenway Park turned 100yrs old April 20th!   The Red Sox invited former players to attend, and they each walked out and stood near their position in the field!  It was wonderful to see players from all of the last five decades get standing ovations and huge applause!   Johnny Pesky now in his nineties, was in a wheel chair, as were several other players.  History was everywhere, and the sell out crowd loved it!  Two antique planes did the flyover.  The event also broke a world record for the largest group of people to toast at the same time.  Welches juice was put on every seat, and  two players from the 2004 World Series led the crowd of more than 32,000 to raise their glasses.  The record is confirmed.
   I've loved the Red Sox since I was in high school, and the 1967 Impossible Dream team stole my heart.  I went to college in Boston, where we could sit in the bleacher seats for $2.00 while we worked on our tans, and watched  the Sox.  Everyone has a favorite story.  My brother caught a fowl ball when he attended a game with my Dad, and our grandfather.  How many times have three and four generations watched a baseball game together?  Baseball gives teenagers and parents some common ground during those years when they may not feel  like they have anything in common. 
  Baseball fans everywhere are excited about this season.  We all hope our team wins the championship, and that gives us hope, and encouragement.  We all witness teamwork, and commitment in action.  Spectacular plays, and lucky bounces are all part of the mystique. It's time to make history again this year, and Johnny Pesky got it started when he said "Play Ball".  Have a good week everyone....and the beat goes on...the beat goes on..... 

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