Sunday, July 10, 2011

Circle of Kindness

I was recently the recipient of a 'random act of kindness'.  I was in line at the drive through waiting to get an iced coffee, and when I got to the pick up window, I was told that my coffee was free !  Apparently, the person in the car ahead of me,  had told the window to apply their change to my bill.  It made my day !  I decided right there that I would try to pass it on.  Since then, I've been able to do a couple of nice things.  I was in the grocery store, and a young man was counting his cash and coins, while checking the prices of sugar.  I got the impression that he was picking the sugar up for someone who was doing some baking.  He was in a hoody, and reminded me of my own son.  I asked him if he needed some money, and he said he was seventy cents short.  I handed him a dollar.  As he tried to give me some change, I told him to keep it , just in case it was a few cents more at the register.  He looked me in the eye, smiled, and said thanks.  I had helped someone out, and it felt pretty good !
 Last week I was picking up dinner to take home.  I had a coupon for buy a meal , and get one free.  Our dinners came with soft drinks that we would not use.  I turned to the customer behind me, and asked if she would like them.  She said yes, and thanked me over and over !  I know it was really no big deal, but sometimes it doesn't take much !  I drove home smiling.
The last time I was in the grocery store, the express lane was closed.  I was carrying a basket and I only had two things .  The lady who got to the  line in front of me, turned and told me to go next.  I thanked her, and said I would pass it on.  We were both smiling , and the cashier and bagger were too!  Tag...I'm it !!  Now I have to find a way to return the favor...If anything like this happens to you ...remember to pass it on....
This was my experience, so take what you like, and leave the rest....have a good week everyone.....

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