Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads

  I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my husband,  and all the other dads today.  My dad loved to tell stories, and he was really good at it.  Whether it was bedtime stories, or stories around the campfire, my siblings and I loved them.  Dad would start telling a story at bedtime one night, and continue it over sereral nights.  All  of us  would  hop up onto my parents bed.  After the story,  Dad would carry  us back to our own bed.  As he picked each of us up, he asked which character from the story we wanted to be.  Because there were four of us, there were always at least four kids in our story.  The next night,  Dad would ask us to review what happened  the previous night, then he'd just continue from there.  Many times, he'd ask us what we wanted to happen next.  We got to name the pets, and the street where the family lived. We decided the nicknames for the characters.  Today we'd call it improv, but to us, it was just bedtime.
  Today, my Dad is 83yrs young, and he is still an avid reader.  His local library calls him when any book from the best seller's list hits their shelves.  His favorites are based on actual events.
 I believe that this is where I got my ideas for my Matt and Muggzy stories, as well as so many of my silly songs.  Thanks for the memories Dad.  I'll dedicate my next book to long for now...have a good week everyone...

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